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We believe that our price comparison calculator is accurate, comprehensive, transparent and accessible. We are proud to be the one and only comparison service in Sri Lanka. has been supplying mobile/broadband and other telecom price comparisons and information since 2010 and was developed by aiming to present the often complex and technical subject of telecommunication in a clear, concise and helpful way. As well as providing accurate and comprehensive price comparisons, provides consumers with broadband/mobile offers that are specific to their particular location.
Confusedlanka research shows that 65 per cent of internet users are more likely to shop around if there is information available to calculate the cheapest service provider based on usage and 66 per cent are more likely to trust a price comparison website such as

Clear and accurate pricing information on telecom deals is fundamental to consumer choice.

Consumers can be sure that by using a price comparison service they are going to be receiving accurate and up to date pricing information to enable them to choose the best deal for them.

As part of our processes prior to including comparison information on confusedlanka website , we assess the methods of providing information to consumers with a variety of disabilities and access needs as well. Accordingly, our website has been tailored to cater for consumers with various visual impairments and are written in plain English.


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