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The featured distinction between landline phones is whether they are corded or cordless, although it is not really a contest considering the vast majority of new landline phones will be cordless. There are some obvious features that separate these two styles of phone in Sri Lanka, the main one being the ability of cordless docks to support more than one handset whereas corded phones are restricted to the one line. Apart from this, the main attraction of a cordless phone is that they offer greater mobility. As technology improves you will probably see that the corded phones die out over the next years. When you consider that it is advantageous to buy phones that act as household phones together with mobile phones to use outside, then it will not be long before the line between mobiles and land phones disappear.

In-built Answering Machine
As standard most fixed line phones will come with a built in answering machine, the possible exceptions being very old models or the cheapest phones available on the market. It is not really adequate to call them machines, as the days of having a separate unit with fiddly little tapes to change are no more welcome. Modern answering machines are simply a built in feature or chip with the phone, providing an answering service. Another advantage of these systems is that you can usually gain access from anywhere in the world by dialing in remotely to retrieve your messages. On average you will get around 15-20 minutes of recording time before messages need to be deleted to create more room.
Multiple Handsets
A very popular feature of cordless phone sets is the use of multiple handsets. This feature only requires on base unit that is plugged into a single phone line and then multiple handsets can then be placed around the home in rooms that may not have a phone connection. You will also be able to transfer calls from one handset to another, also doubling up as an intercom, allowing you to communicate with other people around the house. If you require the use of more than one handset then check for how many phones the system can support. This is not always the number of phones that comes with the set, you are able to buy extensions for some models but not all, so if you buy a dual set for example then it will only ever support two phones.
Embedded Caller ID
The majority of fixed line phones in Sri Lanka will now have a display that will show you the number that is calling you but this depends if you have caller ID services from your service provider. But practically in Sri Lanka, all fixed line providers will offer this feature to be on par with competitors. This will let you set names against your numbers so you can see exactly who is calling you.
Along with this function, land line phones often have embedded call waiting facility so you can receive more than one call at any one time. These two functions are often used in conjunction with each other so you can view the number calling you and decide if you want to switch calls. Your phones memory will store a certain amount of numbers and names (around 50) in order for you to view your missed calls
Messaging Service
As most of landline phones in Sri Lanka try to keep up with the ever-expanding advances in mobile communications, they have started to adopt some of the same features. One fairly basic development of this is SMS text messaging from your home phone. This provides the same function as a mobile and so will send text messages to other phones whether you are in Colombo or Anuradhapura. Be aware that this feature is only available on cordless digital phones. It is even possible to download ring tones onto these handsets much the same as many people do with their mobiles all over the world and this is no exception to Sri Lanka

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