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Wireless broadband has established itself as must-have technology for many broadband internet users. In fact, it is estimated that around 1-2 million homes in Sri Lanka enjoy wireless, a number that is growing rapidly as more and more users reap its benefits. However, just what is wireless broadband? How does it work, what are its pros and its cons and what technology do you need?
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This confusedlanka guide to wireless broadband will give you the information you need to join the wireless revolution.

What is wireless broadband/wireless networking? 

Broadly, when someone talks about 'wireless', there are two possible meanings - wireless broadband and wireless networking. Wireless networking refers to having a 'wire free' computer in the house or office linked to a broadband connection.

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It is a method of linking all of the computers in one area (such as your home) to one internet connection through a wireless network. As the name suggests, by going wireless you do not need to have wires attaching each PC so they can share the internet connection - instead you use a wireless router which sends a signal to each computer using radio waves.

 Wireless broadband, although often used as a general term to refer to all aspects of wireless technology and wireless internet, is also used to reference the most recent aspects of broadband technology where you have access to the internet outside your home, such as at Wi-Fi hotspots, using a laptop, or with a mobile phone handset. For the sake of clarity,

we shall refer to all aspects of wireless technology by the generic term 'wireless broadband' for the remainder of this guide.

You've probably already heard of wireless broadband, but why should you be interested in it? Is it really worth the extra expense to go wireless? This section will help you decide.


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