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Broadband Packages Explained

Many people think that getting broadband packages at home for the first time or switching from their current provider is difficult - but it doesn't have to be. At Broadband, we show you all the best broadband package deals on the market, displayed with all the key features highlighted so that you can choose your broadband provider and broadband package quickly and easily coloured tabs at the top of the table. You'll be able to compare broadband packages in seconds

Choosing the right broadband packages

To prioritise any of these factors in your broadband package comparison. Click here to see the details.It is also important to bear in mind the following factors when comparing broadband packages

Broadband availability

Not everyone can get every broadband package - this is due to the fact that some internet service providers (ISPs) use special technology, such as for cable broadband or ADSL2. However, nearly every Srilankan household can now ge t ADSL broadband - the most popular type of broadband package

Wireless broadband

Wireless routers are devices that transmit broadband wirelessly so that a number of computers and gaming consoles can connect to the internet without the use of wires throughout the home

Broadband and free wireless router
Click on the link to see all the packages that include a free wireless router. If you already have a wireless router there may not be as much of a need to prioritise this factor

ADSL broadband

Most home broadband packages require an active landline in order to operate. This type of broadband is called ADSL broadband.

As many people are finding that their landline usage has dropped in recent years, they are finding that they don't really want to keep their landline connection and/or do not want or need a traditional home broadband package at all. This is leading people to consider options such as cable and mobile broadband

Cable broadband

You can also get broadband via cable as offered by fibre-optic broadband provider Virgin Media. Cable broadband is similar to ADSL broadband except that it enters the home via cables laid down in the road as opposed to telephone lines. Cable broadband is faster on average than ADSL broadband and comes in speeds of up to 50Mb

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband packages run on mobile phone networks and therefore does not need a landline. Mobile broadband is growing in popularity monthly as people look for greater flexibility in their communications and emailing becomes a more standard means of communication


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