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Internet is in a certain way a management information system. To put it differently, it’s an Ocean of information sorted for your use, in which you can obtain information on various subjects and it conducts surveys on different topics especially regarding prices. Most of the srilankan shoppers feel that they don't get the best deal and they tend to regret only after finishing the shopping so. They feel that they received a product which is not that worth of spending so much amount.

Presently, confusedlanka web based tool is the main source of information on which most of the buyers are relying before they do their mobile phone shopping because it gives the idea of which one to pick. A buyer can see the prices on our website and s/he will be aware whether they think the price mentioned by the providers is worth or not before they actually contact the service provider.

Confusedlanka's comparison tool, not only saves time but also your money and it will make sure that our visitors have the first hand information to buy. It will provide full details of the costs of various deals offered by different companies and the quality of those products as well in terms of speed ( eg. Broadband). It will help buyers the research work faster and makes them to do the shopping without going to different sites and different companies that consumes your valuable time and money.

Confusedlanka comparison tool is user friendly and it acts as an interface that gives you a good shopping experience as it gives the whole information of different mobile deals a common place. You will get ample time to do the searching and choosing the best deal. The site itself compares the prices and gives good choices from where you can select the right choice, which suits you the most. So, you can get a advice of experts or views from the old buyers. In short, you will see a vast amount of information, good price, product features, reviews and the suggestions from the co-shoppers at a touch of a click.
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