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Rs. 6,957With current access to SLT network</tdRs.495Rs. 7,452

Rs.8,696 With current access to SLT network</tdRs.495Rs. 9,191

Rs. 10,435 With current access to SLT network</tdRs.495Rs. 10,930

Rs. 12,174 With current access to SLT network</tdRs.495Rs. 12,669

Note:1 – Total cost of making 400 minutes worth of calls after the free minutes (if applicable), which consists of 100 minutes of the same network calls, 100 minutes to mobiles, 100 minutes to other local fixed lines and 100 minutes to other national fixed lines during a billing month.

Note:2- If the package includes timing restrictions ( i.e Peak, Standard and Economy), the above number of minutes are divided as 33,33 and 34 respectively for calculation purposes.

Fed up with long term contracts and other costs associated with fixed broadband, why not go for wireless.Read more

Wireless Internet used to be almost synonymous to Wi-Fi. However, the recent challenges that faced the Wi-Fi proposition, paved the way for scientists to invest in the true form of wireless Internet access that enables the user to gain access to the Internet in any place at any time.

Although the perceived end-product is still far from distinct perfection and completion in terms of its reachability and wireless internet coverage, it has made remarkable milestones in the broadband industry in Sri Lanka. In fact, the use of wireless Internet has slowly been considered as a good alternative to the wired or cabled Internet found in most homes and offices in Sri Lanka despite some of its disadvantages.

Wi-Fi is a technology used to refer to wireless connectivity. It still also makes use of a wired connection through a modem and through either ADSL or fiber-optic cables that receive data from the ISP. The new wireless technology totally eliminates the use of wirings and cables, except for the USB cable, that is. It receives Internet connection directly from the source ISP through wireless signals received by a wireless modem or a 3g devise that is usually found in most cell phones.
Either you connect using a 3g phone, a stand-alone devise or via Wi-fi, wireless Internet in these forms does have its own advantages and disadvantages over the wired connections.

Portability is the main advantage of this type of technology. No wires, no cables, only a signal is needed to enable any user to enjoy high speed internet. For wireless broadband, no longer need to look for a hotspot to be able to connect to the Internet.

Same or relatively speed and data quality is actually transmitted from source to your laptop or devise as it does not make use of another access point. This is of course, dependent on the type of connection you avail of.
Wi-fi is practically free in most establishments such as malls, cafes and hotels. This type of connection is ideal for the highly mobile person including those that usually rent apartments and those that do not have and would prefer not have a landline phone. This is also good for students who like to surf the internet most of the time.

You will need to buy a separate devise for wireless access. As mentioned earlier, you will have to purchase a router for Wi-fi or a modem or 3g phone for mobile broadband. This may entail an extra cost for you.
The connection is dependent on the service provider and their network coverage. If you are in an area un-serviced by your current service provider, you may not be able to use the technology as intended.

Quality of speed and connection is also dependent on the type of connection (if 3g or HSPDA) and the location from which it is being transmitted. You will not be able to use the wireless technology if you are in a location not covered or unreachable by your ISP.
As any type of connection, wireless ones are more susceptible to interference compared to the wired ones. Typhoons or heavy rains can cause connection to fluctuate and even be interrupted.

Wireless Internet has its clear advantages and disadvantage but nevertheless; it serves as a good alternative to the wired or cabled connection.

Mobile Broadband Deals available in Sri Lanka
Would you like to have internet access without using a telephone landline?
Would you like to enjoy high-speed connection that you can have anywhere you go?
If so, then mobile broadband is for you.
Mobile broadband is a type of wireless internet that connects you via a mobile phone network. You don't have to use your mobile phone; you can use your laptop too. Mobile broadband is great for people who are always on the move. Even for those who stay at home or the office, mobile broadband is a good choice because it frees you from dependence on a landline. All you need is a cell phone and you're always online.
Now let's look at typical wireless internet offers providing mobile broadband.

Contract wireless internet based deals– If you are confident in your mobile network's performance, you can commit long-term to just that provider, this is for you. Check the minimum contract allowed and download allowance you get at the start. Many plans include a free laptop or modem, free months and/or wifi connectivity. This plan is suitable for heavy users who will be using internet a lot whether in house or on the road.

Prepaid / Pay As You Go deals - If you want to use mobile broadband on a 'pay per use' basis, then pay as you go is the way to go. All you need to do is buy a USB device known as a dongle and load it with a top up or prepaid card. You can buy top ups in at stores or online.

The advantage of PAYG wireless internet is you are never over-charged, and you can switch from one mobile service after another if you are not satisfied with the current one. Top ups usually have time and/or download restrictions, e.g. 24 hours with a 500MB download limit, or 30 days with 7GB limit.

Starter Kit deals- Know someone who's just getting into mobile broadband? Get them a starter kit. These wireless internet offers come with preloaded download credits (valid for a certain period), a dongle and a sim. After the free download allowance is exhausted, one can reload them with top ups.

Pay your special attention to wireless internet offers that have especially valuable freebies. Who doesn't want an extra laptop? You can get one just for purchasing a mobile broadband plan! Free notebook brands range from HP, to Dell to Toshiba and Asus. Generally the more expensive the plan, the better the laptop model you get. So shop around, there's no better time to buy mobile broadband than now!

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